[CAFR-L] Andy and Steve

Anthony Hall raprockprof at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 15:30:58 MST 2008

I'm on side with a cafr response to Andy's response. But I think
Andy's comment about the necessity of dealing through ULFA in the long
run is correct. According to Steve in his note to the membership about
how he is saving us from the fate of unionized assembly-line workers,
the ULFA Exec has been wheeling and dealing alot lately. This from an
ULFA president who can look into the eyes of his administrative
counterpart and negotiate based on the premise that he has the
confidence of 57% of his constituents...this from a president who
chose to mislead us at the ULFA annual picnic rather than tell us
about the vacancy left by Victor's prior resignation.

I asked Steve to his face in the presence of Kent if he was going to
sign the original letter to Andy. Steve said "no" but did not give
reasons. I'd like to know why Steve did not sign. I'd like him to tell
cafr what he has been up to lately on behalf of the portion of the
faculty who still have confidence in him. I'd like to know as much as
I could well before the AGM.

Tony Hall

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