[CAFR-L] Some more laughs from the new reappointment process

O'Donnell, Dan daniel.odonnell at uleth.ca
Sun Jan 15 12:33:51 MST 2012

This was my original point of course.

The only thing I'd quibble with is my belief that the current 7th floor is acting esssentially like a cartel or occupation is not so much a conspiracy theory as it is an economic or political one.

And it is a theory with considerable predicative force: restrospectively it explains why Mike would create the moral hazard he did last academic year even at the cost of violating the PSLA. Currently it accounts for the grandfathering clause and the emphasis on negative voting and the threshold rules.

So what does it predict? It predicts first of all that in the upcoming appointment, the admin will argue that we are not to run an open search but instead read 'and third term' into the reappointment procedure. It predicts that no attempt will be made to clarify the voting procedure and that the most pro-incumbent interpetation will be insisted on. And it predicts that if they are forced to run an open search they will do everything possible to reduce its effectiveness including failing to use a search consultant and failing to find any potentially viable external candidates.

And if it turns out the question becomes moot because the incumbent doesn't run this year, it predicts all of the above will happen in response to the next appointment committee of a sitting administrator.

Mike has been in office long enough for us to get a sense of him. He's changing the emphasis from bullying, all right. But his project is the systematic disassembly of all accountability measures that currently constrain the behaviour of the senior leadership team and, in exchange for the limit on third terms, working to ensure that second term appointments are as automatic as possible.

And that too is a predictative political theory. The only real puzzle is why you would need to go this route when your board is as poor at oversight as ours is.

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