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Simulation of Groundwater Flow with Freeze and Thaw
November 7-11, 2011 at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. 
Workshop participants will learn to set up, run, and interpret a
highly-configurable variable-density groundwater flow and solute/energy
transport simulator (U.S. Geological Survey's SUTRA code) in a new
version that incorporates the dynamic freeze-thaw process.
In daily lectures and computer exercises, participants will learn to
model groundwater flow and solute/heat transport problems, for constant
and variable density systems, with freezing and thawing in saturated and
unsaturated zones. Laboratories involve graphical generation of the
model structure and graphical post-processing of simulation results in
2D and 3D.
The course is for those interested in using groundwater models to solve
practical or theoretical hydrology problems involving freeze/thaw.
Participants may be consultants, hydrologists, hydrogeologists,
engineers, faculty and students, staff from governments, consultancies,
and universities are welcome. Some experience in the application of
numerical models to study groundwater problems is recommended.
The course brochure is here:
http://eps.mcgill.ca/~mckenzie/SUTRA-Workshop-Nov7-11-2011.pdf. For
additional information about the workshop, or to register, please
contact Jeff McKenzie (jeffrey.mckenzie at mcgill.ca) or Cliff Voss
(cvoss at usgs.gov).
Jeff McKenzie


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