[PRIDE Mailing List] Last Meeting Of The Year! (Kind of...)

Plumridge, Joselyn j.plumridge at uleth.ca
Tue Apr 16 13:48:07 MDT 2013

This is it! Final week of classes, and then exams! If you're feeling the pressure, feel free to come take a load of in the PRIDE Centre!

With the final week of classes comes the final meeting of the school year proper. Happeningtonight at 5:00 pm in SU058. We'll mostly be discussing plans and ideas for the summer, and for the new school year beginning in September. Hope to see as many of you there as possible!

On the topic of the summer, we're hoping to maintain some presence in the Lethbridge community. Some people have expressed interest in having Queeraokes continue in the spring month, and we also want some exposure to newly admitted students taking campus tours over the summer. If you're interested in helping out with these and other endeavors, please do not hesitate to get in touch. And of course, I'll be keeping everyone posted on the events that do occur over the summer, so you won't miss anything!

One quick note: Those of you that came out to our Bake Sale on Tuesday of last week may have been given some literature with graphic images of medical waste courtesy of one of the other on-campus groups that was demonstrating beside us. While we at PRIDE are supportive of every person's right to freedom of expression, we feel it is necessary to distance ourselves from those that would brandish such visually disturbing material. PRIDE, among many other things, is supportive of Women's Reproductive Rights, and the materials on display were by no means representative of any of the views held by the Centre as a whole. As such, we apologize for any discomfort and/or confusion this may have caused.

Also, a reminder that the newly elected executive positions come into effect as of May 1. When that happens, you can count on me shedding one of my vices; namely, the "Vice" in my current title of "Vice President". Hooray for positive personal growth! 

Good luck with the crunch, and good luck on exams! Hugs and kisses to you all!

Joselyn Plumridge
Vice President
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