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Mon Oct 10 21:14:10 MDT 2016

Hello everyone!

PRIDE will be having an election meeting on Thursday, October 13th at 6pm
in the Centre (SU170). We will be attempting to fill all three Coordinator
positions (Centre, Media, Activities).

To be eligible to vote, you must be a member of PRIDE. You can visit the
Centre any time during open hours (approximately 10am-4pm weekdays) to pay
your membership fee ($5/semester).

Coordinator Position Application Information:



   Member of PRIDE (membership fees paid)

   Nominated by another member

   Nomination supported by a third member

Application Process:


   Submit a written statement with your name, the position you are being
   nominated for, the names of your supporters. (Must be signed by all

   Submit completed form at least one day before the election meeting

Brief note regarding the Centre Coordinator position:

This position has been converted to an executive position, which increases
the scope of the successful candidate’s responsibilities.

We hope to see you on Thursday!

-PRIDE Executive
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