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Daniel O'Donnell daniel.odonnell at uleth.ca
Fri Dec 21 15:28:40 MST 2012

Hi all,

I sent out an update on the exciting times we had in Cuba, but it looks 
like it didn't work properly. I was at the end of my internet hour in 
the hotel, so it may be that it didn't make it out before I was cut off.

Several members of this group were in Cuba at a meeting organised by 
INKE in Havana (Neil Fraistat, Alex Gil, Ray Siemens, and me... I hope 
I'm not forgetting anybody). On the "unconference" day, the group 
(including many others from North America, Europe, Cuba, and Latin 
America more generally) ended up devoting the lion's share of the 
meeting to discussing the Global Outlook initiative, issues in 
collaboration among researchers in High, Mid, and Low income countries, 
and similar topics. We also had meetings with people from the Ministry 
of Culture, the Casa de los Americas, and the National library about 
various initiatives.

The time was extremely exciting and very productive. Among the outcomes 
are a nascent proposal for a THaT camp in Cuba next November focussing 
on Latin America and the Caribbean, discussions about establishing a 
national DH organisation in Cuba that might initially join ADHO in an 
observer function, participation in the Havana book fair this coming 
February and an additional event in March, and some ideas about ways in 
which specific researchers in Cuba might collaborate with various 
projects elsewhere in the Caribbean and farther afield. About 30 new 
people have also asked to join the list, about 1/2 from Cuba and the 
rest largely from North America. Emails inviting them to confirm their 
membership have just been sent out.

We also developed what looks like it might be a very exciting idea for 
the money the University of Lethbridge is donating to the initiative: 
establishing small research grants and bursaries for students and/or 
early career researchers to propose and carry out research projects 
looking at digital humanities capacity, infrastructure, and (for want of 
a better term) "bibliography" in different regions and countries around 
the world. I have a meeting scheduled with our VPR for early in January 
to discuss the idea and make sure that it fits within the parameters of 
the donation. This programme might produce a very useful body of 
knowledge, I think.

Administratively, we are waiting for final ADHO approval of our proposal 
(the latest version can be found here: 
http://ubuntuone.com/187LiVZpJKwFNaRV0lZJeD). This should be finished by 
Monday. Once this is approved, we probably should move on to 
establishing officers and working

We have also bought the domain name globaloutlookdh.org for use for the 
project and set up a twitter account @globaloutlookdh. We are waiting 
for the DNS to propagate and then we will have a rudimentary webpage set 
up early in the new year.

Finally, with regard to the conferences we were looking at:

*African DH*: I've received confirmation that the Canadian Society for 
Digital Humanities is holding a slot for us for a session on Africa and 
DH for the meeting in Victoria this June. Ray, Neil, and I were 
discussing how we might integrate this with the Digital Humanities 
Summer Institute (DHSI) which follows immediately afterwards, though I 
don't think we've reached any conclusions yet.

*DH in China*: We'll know more about this after the DH 2013 sessions are 
finalised and we've been approved by ADHO's Steering Committee. We 
should be still planning on it, however, I believe.

As you can see, busy and fun times.


Daniel Paul O'Donnell
Professor of English
University of Lethbridge
Lethbridge AB T1K 3M4

+1 403 393-2539

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