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Marcus Bingenheimer m.bingenheimer at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 09:04:40 MDT 2012

Hi all,

I am somewhat skeptical that a full panel can be arranged in the next
few days, because we would need full abstracts. Nevertheless, we can
try: here is an edited draft of the proposal that Jieh and perhaps
Mitsu might want to expand on. All we would need would be concrete
suggestions for speakers and topics (and abstracts). I have added one
speaker for "Digitization of Buddhist Cultural Heritage" ideally
someone from DDBC (Joey, will you be going?), if not there is still
Christian or myself.
I would much hope Prof. Jieh Hsiang could chair the panel. That would
be a great help for both Chinese DH and GO::DH.

First draft:
GO:DH Session on “Chinese DH”

90 min panel / 4-6 speakers
The newly founded ADHO initiative Global Outreach (GO::DH) aims to
facilitate communication between the various ADHO committees and
emergent DH groups and activities in countries which are not yet well
represented within ADHO. This session proposal is one of GO::DH
attempts to raise the visibility of underrepresented communities, in
this case, of work done in the Chinese speaking world.
Like all cultures, China is faced with the question of how to model
its cultural heritage in a digital environment. Comparable only to
India in historic range, geographic size, and population, there are
various initiatives in China, Hongkong and Taiwan that work on
solutions to digitize and distribute their shared cultural heritage.
After successful international cooperation yielded the Unicode
standard, which resolved the pressing issue of how to represent the
logographic writing system in computing, continued dialog on standards
and practices in DH is of mutual interest for both ADHO members and
the emerging DH centers in China, Hongkong and Taiwan. In East Asia,
efforts by Japanese practitioners of DH has already resulted in the
foundation of the Japanese Association of Digital Humanities, which
joined ADHO last year, an important development in the globalization
of the field. In the Chinese speaking world too there is great
potential for dialog, synergy and cooperation between DH centers to
discuss standards and practices. Communication about shared standards
generally improves the chances that the results are interchangeable,
avoids duplication of efforts, and increases efficiency.
As internationalization and support for developing, regional centers
is part of ADHO’s mission, the members of the GO::DH feel it is
desirable to organize a roundtable on “Chinese DH” with
representatives from China, Taiwan, Hongkong and perhaps Singapore to
speak about the situation of DH in their societies and the prospects
and potential problems for further collaboration with both within East
Asia as well as with ADHO members.
The panel will consist of at least one representative from China,
Hongkong and Taiwan. Participants will provide the audience with an
overview of the history of DH in the region or field, followed by a
roundtable discussion with the speakers and one or two GO::DH members.
Possible questions to explore:
What are the prospects for further national or regional organization
in East Asia?
How can we make better use of existing structures to further the
globalization of Chinese DH?
How viable, e.g., would be a panel in Chinese at the next DH?
Are existing standards (Unicode, TEI, EAD, CDWA etc.) sufficient for
the Chinese Cultural heritage or should they be extended?
What infrastructure needs are there for developing and training in Chinese DH?

Panel “Chinese DH”
Chair: Jieh?

1. DH in China (Mitsu Inaba?)
2. DH in Hongkong (Ping-Chen Hsiung?)
3. DH in Taiwan (Jieh?)
4. Digitization of Chinese Buddhist Culture (Joey Hung?)
5. Roundtable discussion

all the best


Dr. Marcus Bingenheimer 馬德偉
Department of Religion, Temple University

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