[globaloutlookDH-l] Second revised prospectus

Daniel O'Donnell daniel.odonnell at uleth.ca
Fri Nov 2 11:04:55 MDT 2012

Hi Neil (cc'd the rest of the group),

Here is another revision, incorporating the suggestions you'd made about 
governance and trying to incorporate the points about tone and rhetoric 
raised by Alex, Oyvind, and in the hallways here, Titi. Because the 
disconnect between networks in these different geographic and economic 
regions is so strong, and because ADHO is so closely aligned (at the 
moment) with the networks in the high income world, it is difficult to 
avoid rhetoric that smacks of neocolonialism. In this revision, I've 
tried to indicate that this is an attempt to broaden ADHO rather than 
co-opt other people.

That being said, it is probably in the end impossible to come up with a 
way of describing the current situation that does not run into this 
problem. So at a certain point we probably have to say we've done our 
best and move on to praxis.

I've worked with this so often, I am not seeing typos any more. If 
anybody does, please pass them back to me. I believe unless my changes 
are stupider than I think, it is otherwise ready to go to the SC.


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