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Thanks, Dan, and everyone! I'll share this with the ADHO SC and ask for its
approval after a week of discussion.


On Fri, Nov 2, 2012 at 1:04 PM, Daniel O'Donnell
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> Hi Neil (cc'd the rest of the group),
> Here is another revision, incorporating the suggestions you'd made about
> governance and trying to incorporate the points about tone and rhetoric
> raised by Alex, Oyvind, and in the hallways here, Titi. Because the
> disconnect between networks in these different geographic and economic
> regions is so strong, and because ADHO is so closely aligned (at the
> moment) with the networks in the high income world, it is difficult to
> avoid rhetoric that smacks of neocolonialism. In this revision, I've tried
> to indicate that this is an attempt to broaden ADHO rather than co-opt
> other people.
> That being said, it is probably in the end impossible to come up with a
> way of describing the current situation that does not run into this
> problem. So at a certain point we probably have to say we've done our best
> and move on to praxis.
> I've worked with this so often, I am not seeing typos any more. If anybody
> does, please pass them back to me. I believe unless my changes are stupider
> than I think, it is otherwise ready to go to the SC.
> -dan
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