[globaloutlookDH-l] Update and a new funding programme

Daniel O'Donnell daniel.odonnell at uleth.ca
Mon Nov 12 10:57:14 MST 2012

Hi all,

A quick update: the Steering Committee has been discussing our proposal, 
but had to put it off till this week in order to deal with some other 
business and because of time pressures for some of the members.

In the meantime, Michael Sinatra passed this on to me last week: 

I'm asking our research office how they think we can get on the radar 
for this, since it will be by invitation and they are thinking primarily 
about the Social Sciences rather than the humanities. But there might be 
scope for a nice multi-society approach once we know that.

 > IPaSS will support strategic research in four areas:
 > Information and Networks: The digital revolution, characterized by
 > the widespread use of mobile technology and the internet in the
 > developing world, has created opportunities for disadvantaged
 > communities to improve learning outcomes, benefit from greater
 > government openness and accountability and create new economic
 > prospects.   Researchers will work to develop understanding of how
 > accelerated advances in networked technologies, will transform
 > governance, science, learning and livelihoods.

 > Inclusive Growth: Despite overall economic growth and fewer people
 > living in poverty, growth has not always led to better jobs or to
 > increased income opportunities for the poor. Researchers will seek to
 > develop policies and practices that create decent jobs and encourage
 > the development of enterprises, particularly for women and young
 > people.

 > Governance, Security, and Justice: As some 1.5 billion people live in
 > areas affected by violent conflict and organized crime, researchers
 > will help States and societies build secure, equitable, and
 > responsive societies.

 > Green Growth: At a time when the global economy and climate change
 > top policy agendas around the globe, researchers will deepen
 > understanding how societies can spur economic growth in a way that
 > simultaneously promotes environmental sustainability.
 > Building on many years of cooperation, IPaSS will further IDRC’s and
 > SSHRC’s goal to put the social sciences at the service of the public
 > and ensure that they address issues of mutual concern to Canada and
 > the world.
 > University-based experts from Canada and from low- and middle-income
 > countries will be invited to submit research proposals on these four
 > themes. Up to 10 applicants will receive seed funding to develop a
 > formal application.  Up to five partnerships retained after an
 > international merit review will then receive up to CA$2.5 million
 > over four to seven years to carry out the research.

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