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Thanks Alex! This is really great work.

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Hi all,

Here's the response from Dorothy. I will try to ring her tomorrow to learn more about what she recognizes as avenues of collaboration.


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Dear Alex,
Thank you very much for your email and for your interest in the Afro-Hispanic virtual conference . My main motivation for working on this initiative is to use technology to build bridges between this side of the Atlantic and various African institutions. It is my hope that through this conference we will be able to draw in African voices to the discussions in Afrohispanism. As we identify our strengths and limitations in our transcontinental/transnational use of technology in this project, we will be in a better position to enhance our collaboration with Africa and its Diaspora.  I have looked at the mission and vision of Global Outlook :: Digital Humanities (GO::DH) and I see opportunites for collaboration with you as well.
Thank you also for the link to http://afrolatinoproject.org. It is a great project. Indeed, it is a significant source of reference in one of the proposals I have received for the conference.

Thank you once again for getting in touch. Should you wish to chat further you can reach me at 519-824-4120 ext 53179<tel:519-824-4120%20ext%2053179>.

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Dear Dorothy,

I'm writing on behalf of the Global Outlook :: Digital Humanities (GO::DH) special interest group of the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organization (ADHO). We recently heard of your initiative to organize a virtual conference of Afro-Hispanists. I work on the Afro-Atlantic 20th century myself, especially on the writings and thought of Aimé Césaire. We are very excited that you are forming these transnational bonds using the available technologies to highlight the global nature of our scholarly enterprise.

At the ADHO we are engaged in several initiatives, including the GO::DH, to build communities of practice in digital scholarship around the world. One of the major problems of the development of digital scholarship in the humanities has been the siloed nature of our efforts. We hope that GO::DH will eventually allow all continents and diasporas to form a visible front for new practitioners. Although the overt theme of your conference is not the digital itself, we feel that you are using the digital in the transformative manner that speaks to the digital humanities. Here's an example, which you may be aware of, of the 'transformative' use of technology that speaks to your conference theme: http://afrolatinoproject.org/ . (Amilcar Priestley cc'ed here)

We would love to learn more about your conference, and perhaps build bridges between us. I would love to have at least a quick call next week if you are available to learn more about the details of the conference and the reach of the digital in your organizational principles.

All the best,
Alex Gil
Digital Scholarship Coordinator
Humanities and History
Columbia University Libraries

Dorothy Odartey-Wellington, PhD
Afro-Hispanic Studies in Africa/
Africa in Afro-Hispanic Studies
School of Languages and Literatures
University of Guelph

Alex Gil
Digital Scholarship Coordinator
Humanities and History
Columbia University Libraries

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