[globaloutlookDH-l] GO::DH planning document

Daniel O'Donnell daniel.odonnell at uleth.ca
Thu Oct 11 15:56:32 MDT 2012

Hi all,

I've just posted a copy of a draft planning document for Global Outlook 
DH to google docs: 

Marcus, Neil, and I have all looked at it. Before it goes to the SC, I'd 
really appreciate your comments and suggestions.

This is a draft, of course, and we expect to make changes.

Neil had three questions that he thought needed answering more clearly 
before things went to the SC:

1) Membership: is this a case of the more the merrier--anyone who wants
in can join?

2) What mechanisms might we need to coordinate the project's activities
with the formal ADHO committees whose work it might intersect?

3) I get a clear picture of the project's goals but a cloudy one of how
they are actually going to be accomplished. How would the project do its
work? My question is concretely what forms would these investigations 
take and how would they proceed? That is the part that seems vague to 
me. I'm looking for a statement that would begin something like: 
"Outreach would take three primary forms: . . . " These can range from 
the ad hoc and casual to some things that are more systematic: e.g., "we 
will break into geographical interest groups, with each group 
responsible for assessing the needs of and opportunities in their 
region, making a list of contacts," and so on

Personally, my answers would be:

1) Yes, wide open
2) We should see this group's function primarily as research, advocacy, 
and facilitation, rather than execution (which is more the domain of the 
committees themselves)
3) Suggestions for concrete actions?

The document can be edited as it is in Google Docs, or you can simply 
comment back to the list. I told Neil (who is also on this list) that 
we'd try to have a final version ready for him next week.


Daniel Paul O'Donnell
Professor of English
University of Lethbridge
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