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Hi all,

Picking up on Neil's questions, I've been thinking about the 
organisational issue and the tasks issue over the weekend, and, indeed, 
discussing them with Titi.

In terms of organisation, it seems to me that the most efficient use of 
everybody's time might be to set ourselves up along the lines of a 
Special Interest Group. This would mean that there was no set limit on 
membership, which given our interest would be counterproductive anyway.

Within this group, people have clearly different interests and more 
importantly knowledge of local conditions and people, so it seems to me 
to make sense to allow the larger group to organise into different 
working groups: e.g. Africa, Middle East, China, India/Pakistan, 
Southern Asia, etc. It seems to me that we can be relatively agnostic 
about how (and whether) these groups form. We clearly have a large group 
interested in China already: that seems to me to represent a solid 
opportunity to build a little work group; we have fewer people thinking 
about the Middle East at the moment, so there's not really a need, 
probably, for a working group there till we get some people.

In my experience, nothing ever gets done if there isn't some leadership 
on a group like this, so perhaps it might make sense to have a small 
executive of 4-6 people who could act as point people--helping 
facilitate ideas as they develop and keeping the rest of us up-to-date 
on what's going on.

What do people think? I'm a big fan of letting administration grow 
organically and not wasting too much time at the beginning planning 
structures before you get a sense for how things will develop. But it 
seems to me that we could even now benefit from an exec+membership 
model, defining ourselves as a SIG, and perhaps organising a 
China-Focussed working group.

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> Dan et al
> This is well thought out and persuasive. I am particularly interested in seeing how we can make it possible for colleague in China to participate.
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