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Christian Wittern cwittern at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 19:39:02 MDT 2012

Dear Marcus,

Thanks for the clarifications. I guess the reason for my confusion is that 
you were talking about the Nov. 1 deadline, which I assumed to be the 
deadline for academic proposals. Does the lunch time event also has a 
deadline for proposals on that same day?
Anyway, even if that was not your intention, I think it would be worth 
thinking about proposing a regular session.

All the best, Christian

On 2012-10-30 10:23, Marcus Bingenheimer wrote:
> Dear Christian,
> Dan, Neil and I were rather thinking of the ADHO lunch-time event. We felt 
> we are somewhat too late to organize a regular panel. Also it seems that 
> right now no one can right now make the commitment to organize and 
> (co-)chair a regular session. I hope we would be able to find speakers who 
> can represent their regions for this short meeting.
> To clarify: "Chinese DH" means DH work done in the Chinese speaking world 
> independently of subject matter.
> all the best
> marcus
> On Mon, Oct 29, 2012 at 8:53 PM, Christian Wittern <cwittern at gmail.com 
> <mailto:cwittern at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Dear all,
>     Neil, from Marcus' message I gather he is proposing a session for the
>     regular academic program, similar in some way to the one done by
>     Japanese DH supporters in London 2010. I think that was quite a
>     successful session and can serve as a good model. Albeit the time is
>     short, I would think it would be worth trying to get this submitted
>     for the regular process and keep the possibility of a lunch-time event
>     as plan B for the moment.
>     As to Marcus' proposal: From the wording it is not clear to me if this
>     is about "DH in China" or "DH about China". I assume it should be the
>     former. The reason I bring this up is again an observation from the
>     Japanese (and also German) experience, where early efforts in DH where
>     driven by people in English or Linguistic departments. So I think
>     strategically, it would be important to be as inclusive as possible
>     and emphasize that all DH efforts in the Chinese speaking world are a
>     target for us.
>     Just my 2 cents with greetings from Kyoto.
>     Christian
>     On 2012-10-30 09:30, Neil Fraistat wrote:
>         Dear Marcus,
>         Just to be clear: I am happy to propose to the ADHO SC that we
>         split the business meeting in order to run such a session and am
>         hopeful that they will agree, but it would have to be voted on by
>         the SC first. So it would be a mistake to take this as a given
>         until the SC has agreed.
>         Best,
>         Neil
>         On Mon, Oct 29, 2012 at 6:37 PM, Marcus Bingenheimer
>         <m.bingenheimer at gmail.com <mailto:m.bingenheimer at gmail.com>
>         <mailto:m.bingenheimer at gmail.com
>         <mailto:m.bingenheimer at gmail.com>>> wrote:
>         Dear all,
>         Below a proposal for a GO::DH session at the DH 2013.
>         Ideas? Suggestions? Comments?
>         The application deadline is Thursday so there is not much time left
>         but there is still time for changes.
>         greetings from Philadelphia
>         marcus
>         waiting for the hurricane
>         =============================
>         ADHO GO:DH Session on “Chinese DH”
>         The newly founded ADHO initiative Global Outreach (GO::DH) aims to
>         facilitate communication between the various ADHO committees and
>         emergent DH groups and activities in countries which are not yet well
>         represented within ADHO. This session proposal is one of GO::DH
>         attempts to raise the visibility of underrepresented communities, in
>         this case, of work done in the Chinese speaking world.
>         Like all cultures, China is faced with the question of how to model
>         its cultural heritage in a digital environment. Comparable only to
>         India in historic range, geographic size, and population, there are
>         various initiatives in China, Hongkong and Taiwan that work on
>         solutions to digitize and distribute their shared cultural heritage.
>         After successful international cooperation yielded the Unicode
>         standard, which resolved the pressing issue of how to represent the
>         logographic writing system in computing, continued dialog on standards
>         and practices in DH is of mutual interest for both ADHO members and
>         the emerging DH centers in China, Hongkong and Taiwan. In East Asia,
>         efforts by Japanese practitioners of DH has already resulted in the
>         foundation of the Japanese Association of Digital Humanities, which
>         joined ADHO last year, an important development in the globalization
>         of the field. In the Chinese speaking world too there is great
>         potential for dialog, synergy and cooperation between DH centers to
>         discuss standards and practices. Communication about shared standards
>         generally improves the chances that the results are interchangeable,
>         avoids duplication of efforts, and increases efficiency.
>         As internationalization and support for developing, regional centers
>         is part of ADHO’s mission, the members of the GO::DH feel it is
>         desirable to organize a roundtable on “Chinese DH” with
>         representatives from China, Taiwan, Hongkong and perhaps Singapore to
>         speak about the situation of DH in their societies and the prospects
>         and potential problems for further collaboration with both within East
>         Asia as well as with ADHO members.
>         Following a discussion on the globaloutlookdh list regarding the
>         possible format for such a roundtable, Neil Fraistat, the current
>         Chair of ADHO, offered to split the ADHO business meeting and use the
>         second 45 min section to a ADHO GO::DH roundtable on “Chinese DH”.
>         We plan to invite at least one representative from China, Hongkong and
>         Taiwan to speak for 10 min to provide the audience with a quick
>         overview of activities, followed by a 15 min roundtable discussion
>         with the speakers and one or two GO::DH members. Possible questions to
>         explore: What are the prospects for further national or regional
>         organization in East Asia? How can we make better use of existing
>         structures to further the globalization of Chinese DH? How viable,
>         e.g., would be a panel in Chinese at the next DH?
>         ADHO GO::DH Session (45 min)
>         1. DH in China (10min)
>         2. DH in Hongkong (10min)
>         3. DH in Taiwan (10min)
>         4. Roundtable (15min)
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