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An issue with the idea of course is that money means different things in different economies. But since $500 is not bad in a high income economy, the positive thing is that it generally will mean even more in mid- and low-

In terms of application, I was thinking that we would just put out an open call once we've worked out the terms,topics, and adjudication procedure and committee. Anybody could apply, with our preference being towards students and researchers who are starting out. Does that sound reasonable? '

The only slightly unpleasant thing about the idea is that for legal reasons the winners have to be ultimately approved by me and the work has to be usable in my research (this is just a condition of the funding agency): I say unpleasant because it could introduce an element of arbitrariness. But since an important part of my research is investigating global DH and how it is understood differently by different people, I believe that running an open call and asking a small international committee to recommend the most relevant projects is entirely in keeping with the spirit and letter of the agency's rules.

What did you think of the proposed topics?

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¿Saben? 500 usd por un ensayo de 20 páginas es una cantidad tremenda de
dinero en Cuba, donde el salario promedio de un profesional con maestría es
de 20 usd mensuales. y un texto similar en una revista (pienso en Temas, que
está reconocida como revista de Ciencias Sociales por el Ministerio de
Ciencias) se paga con 5 o 6 usd, acaso 10, si eres realmente importante.
Por supuesto, el valor del dinero depende de dónde vivas, pero del lado de
acá del Caribe, ese es un premio valioso, que puede movilizar.
Un detalle importante, ¿podemos aplicar quienes estamos en esta lista?

You know? 500 usd for an 20 pages essay is a tremendous amount of money in
Cuban Standard. Here, the average salary for a MsC is 20 usd by month
For the same work (a 20 pages text), some important cuban journal may pay
5-6, maybe 10 usd for very important people (I think in Temas, wich is a
certificaded social sciences journal of the Sciences Ministery).
Of course, the money meaning depends of where you live and which are your
spectations, but I think that, in the Caribean, 500 usd can get strongly
motivated people.
One last detail: can the mail list members aply?

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