[globaloutlookDH-l] 10 favourite DH projects about 'class, gender, race'

Craig Bellamy txt at craigbellamy.net
Sun Jun 16 21:24:48 MDT 2013

Dear GO DH,

I am not sure that these particular projects had the explicit intent to 
expound ‘class, gender, race’, at least as seen through a blustery 
politics-in-the-wild lens. But still, apart from their significant 
scholarly contributions, they do put the rest the accusation that 
computing in the humanities is at odds with those scholars that can only 
engage with these subjects through the singular authority of the 
academic monologue (and thus claim to have a monopoly over the 
interpretation of ”class, gender, race”)

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Dr Craig Bellamy
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Computing and Information Systems
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Parkville, Melbourne, Australia
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