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David Golumbia dgolumbia at gmail.com
Wed May 8 07:19:04 MDT 2013

I also thought it's worth mentioning the following blog post by Andrew
Prescott, which takes at least the DH community (or maybe the DH community
in the US) to task for its failure to be global enough, and mentions
listmember Dominico Fiormente's work, as well as pointing to the excellent
Cologne *Controversies around the Digital Humanities* volume edited by
Manfred Thaller (

While I personally agree with some of Prescott's notes about the parochial
nature of *some* DH as practiced in the US, as I am an English professor
and one of my primary concerns is the effects of DH on English as a
discipline, I find Prescott's invective toward the MLA more symptomatic
than helpful.



David Golumbia
dgolumbia at gmail.com
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