[globaloutlookDH-l] Discussion lists in DH in different languages?

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Thanks tons, Yasmín. It was lazy of me not to go look it up!

We can access the archives directly at this URL: http://listserv.uleth.ca/pipermail/globaloutlookdh-l/

I actually see a couple of threads that cover the issue of dissemination in the January archive (http://listserv.uleth.ca/pipermail/globaloutlookdh-l/2013-January/thread.html) that might be of interest to Marin:
"Circulating announcement to other lists" (starts with http://listserv.uleth.ca/pipermail/globaloutlookdh-l/2013-January/000120.html)
"Announcement sent to digital medievalist, digital classicist, tei, and csdh-schn" (Starts with http://listserv.uleth.ca/pipermail/globaloutlookdh-l/2013-January/000121.html)
"Sending Announcement to ESU C&T (Leipzig)" http://listserv.uleth.ca/pipermail/globaloutlookdh-l/2013-January/000131.html
"Fwd: Annonce de la création de GO::DH" http://listserv.uleth.ca/pipermail/globaloutlookdh-l/2013-January/000150.html

Harvesting that list will produce some mailinglists, I imagine!
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El asunto de esa serie de correos era "Introduction", se hicieron en enero de 2013, en efecto.
No recuerdo si todxs participaron, pero bastante gente de países no anglófonos se presentó ahí.

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Dear Daniel,

I will make all my results public. I will publish them in my blog firstly, then ask for translating help, and  propose it for publication in a DH journal (and maybe for the Go:DH best paper about DH). Some spreading of my results inside Go:DH site would be nice.

Best regards

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