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Fiona Barnett fiona.barnett at duke.edu
Thu May 16 10:05:23 MDT 2013

Thanks for the info about DíaHD. I've featured Ernesto's post on the front page of HASTAC. If someone wants to make a 640x300 banner we can include it in the rotating image banner on the front page, with a link to his blog.

One thing to note: if folks don't have their own blog already, we are always happy to help them get set up on HASTAC to blog there. 

They can register and blog on the same day, and submit that info to DíaHD. You can cross-post on your own blog if you already have one, and the benefit is having a bit of a bigger audience built into the community. Lots of people still don't have their own blog and it can seem intimidating to start posting on your own site for a project like this. 

If any of you need help getting set up, contact me off-list and I will help you personally. If you need help in Spanish, I am sure Ernesto will be happy to help too.

I've sent it to a few of our relevant contacts, and we are glad to help however we can. Keep us updated!


Fiona Barnett
Director, HASTAC Scholars
Ph.D. candidate
Literature Program and Women's Studies
Duke University
fiona.barnett at duke.edu

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