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Hi all,

This is something that might be of interest to people on this list...


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Subject: 	[kbf] New 'Mapping Research Uptake Learning Materials' project 
Date: 	Mon, 14 Apr 2014 14:10:39 +0000
From: 	Jo Reid <jo at commsconsult.org>
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Dear all,

Here at CommsConsult <commsconsult.org> we’re doing a piece of work for 
theDRUSSA <http://www.drussa.net/>programme (Development Research Uptake 
in Sub-Saharan Africa) and are looking for some help from you.

They’re planning to develop a series of training materials to support 
universities to build capacity in research uptake management (RUM). 
  They define Research Uptake Management (RUM) as /‘an emerging 
university management field with a practical, cost-effective and 
sustainable approach to making research accessible and getting research 
into use. It requires specialist individual capacity, aligned 
organisational structures and strategic management processes to optimise 
conditions for the accessibility, dissemination, uptake and application 
of scientific evidence.’/

The programme has already amassed a range of workshop materials and 
presentations around this topic and wants to commission an audit of 
these internal resources, as well as of similar external resources, in 
order to determine what the new series of training materials should cover.

The new series will be aimed at complementing the existing programme of 
Mphils, Phds and short professional courses in knowledge utilisation for 
DRUSSA universities and others. The intended audience is practitioners 
working in the field at operational level within DRUSSA universities.

So for this purpose we’re interested in unearthing any and all materials 
around how an institution thinks about, develops strategies, policies 
and processes for;  nurtures staff to be more effective and passionate 
about; generate resources for; and evidences what impact is achieved 
through… a more strategic approach to research uptake. We have plenty of 
materials about the various elements of research uptake that an 
individual researcher needs to know and do, *but it is at the 
institutional level where we think the gap is.*

It may be that you feel you have specialist knowledge of, or access to 
offline materials in a particular area of research uptake that we don’t 
already know about (e.g. because it’s not available online, or is not 
well known).

We believe the mapping is a really helpful exercise to make visible - 
not only for the DRUSSA programme but to a much wider community 
including Think Tanks – resources that will help organisations to 
systematise a different way of managing research. We are encouraging 
DRUSSA to not only make the mapping public, but to offer the distance 
learning modules generated, also free of charge to whoever wants to learn.

*So, if you have some RUM-related materials or information you would 
like to share, please either complete our short survey 
and/or get in contact with us via drussa at commsconsult.org 
<mailto:drussa at commsconsult.org> so that we can make sure your input is 
heard and arrange appropriate follow up with you. *

Thank you in advance,


Jo Reid

Project Manager

CommsConsult Ltd

Tremough Innovation Centre

Penryn, Cornwall, TR10 9TA

Tel: +44 (0)1326 313133

Skype: joannacreid

Twitter: @joannacreid @CommsConsultLtd

*Please note: I work Mondays and Tuesdays only.*



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