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May be of interest to some here:




Decolonizing the Digital: First Peoples' On-Line Presence
>From the use of social media during the Idle No More movement to the growth
of on-line magazines and educational platforms, Canada's First Peoples are
increasingly using the internet as a space of resistance, community
development, and as a platform for sharing and preserving language and
tradition. The essay collection Decolonizing the Digital: First Peoples'
On-Line Presence will merge Digital Humanities with Indigenous Studies in
order to explore how First Peoples are mobilizing various on-line formats
in the service of cultural protection and dissemination.

Possible essay topics could include:

Language apps
Social media and protest/resistance
Interactive website, such as Pearson Education's The Ruptured Sky: The War
of 1812
Online graphic novels
The role of podcasts
Bias in digital archiving
Storytelling/orature websites, such as the Skins Workshops on Aboriginal
Storytelling and Video Game Development
The role of Youtube in cultural sharing
The use of digital resources in the classroom

Please forward your essay or essay proposal to Jesse Archibald-Barber,
Associate Professor, First Nations University of Canada (jbarber at fnuniv.ca)
and to Jessica Langston, Adjunct Professor, Concordia University (
jessica.langston at concordia.ca).

Essay proposals 500-1000 words; Essays 2000-8000 words

Deadline for proposals: Feb. 15, 2015

Deadline for essays: May 15, 2015
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