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This looks great!

Whithout knowing anything about this interesting call we've just posted
this (Alex should be credited for the Ali's quote!):


All the best


2014-12-05 21:29 GMT+01:00 Brian Rosenblum <brianlee a ku.edu>:

> May be of interest to some here:
> ------
> http://www.indigenousliterarystudies.org/decolonizing-the-digital/
> Decolonizing the Digital: First Peoples' On-Line Presence
> From the use of social media during the Idle No More movement to the
> growth of on-line magazines and educational platforms, Canada's First
> Peoples are increasingly using the internet as a space of resistance,
> community development, and as a platform for sharing and preserving
> language and tradition. The essay collection Decolonizing the Digital:
> First Peoples' On-Line Presence will merge Digital Humanities with
> Indigenous Studies in order to explore how First Peoples are mobilizing
> various on-line formats in the service of cultural protection and
> dissemination.
> Possible essay topics could include:
> Language apps
> Social media and protest/resistance
> Interactive website, such as Pearson Education's The Ruptured Sky: The War
> of 1812
> Online graphic novels
> The role of podcasts
> Bias in digital archiving
> Storytelling/orature websites, such as the Skins Workshops on Aboriginal
> Storytelling and Video Game Development
> The role of Youtube in cultural sharing
> The use of digital resources in the classroom
> Please forward your essay or essay proposal to Jesse Archibald-Barber,
> Associate Professor, First Nations University of Canada (jbarber a fnuniv.ca)
> and to Jessica Langston, Adjunct Professor, Concordia University (
> jessica.langston a concordia.ca).
> Essay proposals 500-1000 words; Essays 2000-8000 words
> Deadline for proposals: Feb. 15, 2015
> Deadline for essays: May 15, 2015
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