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Daniel O'Donnell daniel.odonnell at uleth.ca
Tue Feb 4 08:14:52 MST 2014

As an old TEI-er, it felt very much like tag abuse, putting GO::DH in 
tools. It fit the definition, but only if you read it with an 
otherworldy focus on the actual meaning of the specific words in the 
definition rather than what was meant. But I thought it wasn't a 
public-facing thing either.


On 14-02-04 08:11 AM, James Cummings wrote:
> On 04/02/14 14:48, Daniel O'Donnell wrote:
>> I don't think there's any need to be defensive, James. This is,
>> what, the second or third year of the DHAwards? You're going to
>> have kinks and the suggestions and comments I'm seeing here are
>> all very constructive.
> Oh yes, I am taking these as constructive comments. Definitely need to 
> arrange translations of call for nominations and voting announcements 
> and get people to circulate them. Still not sure whether it is better 
> to have a non-English category or not. (i.e. which is worse). I'm 
> thinking next year to have a clearer call for feedback, categories, etc.
> Please do feel free to translate and circulate the voting 
> announcement! Another 10 days to go!
>> And oh yes, everybody, GO::DH is a nominee... in tools.
> Yes, it was nominated under tools and we left it there. Arguably it 
> could have been moved to being for 'public audiences'. Its place as a 
> 'tool' is debatable... it is one in a metaphorical sense certainly, or 
> in a _very loose_ definition. You commented on twitter that you 
> thought we should have an 'other' category. I've resisted that because 
> I feel it would then become a dumping group for miscellaneous stuff 
> and voters would be comparing apples and elephants. (As it is they are 
> comparing apples and oranges.) However, we've changed the categories 
> each year (this year removing one and adding the non-Eng category). I 
> expect a small change each year in categories.
> -James

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