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Daniel O'Donnell daniel.odonnell at uleth.ca
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I agree with you Isabel. I think we are entering some very exciting and 
multi-lingual times.

On 14-02-04 09:23 AM, igalina wrote:
> Dear James,
> I am so glad that you are on this list and were able to clarify.  As I mentioned I really like DH Awards and I can vouch for the fact that there has been an effort to include resources from all over the world.  I think that the non-English category threw me off a bit, as it seems to imply then that the other categories are for English-only resources.
> In your reply you ask whether the non-English category should be available at all.  It seems to me that maybe not but rather as you suggest, make an explicit reminder that any language is allowed in any category.  I don't know what others think.  I also think that as we get more non-English DH regional communities forming (which is definitely the case!), we shall also have available more communication channels so that more people find out about the DH awards.
> I honestly hope that you do the awards again next year!
> Best wishes,
> Isabel
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> As an old TEI-er, it felt very much like tag abuse, putting GO::DH in
> tools. It fit the definition, but only if you read it with an
> otherworldy focus on the actual meaning of the specific words in the
> definition rather than what was meant. But I thought it wasn't a
> public-facing thing either.
> -dan
> On 14-02-04 08:11 AM, James Cummings wrote:
>> On 04/02/14 14:48, Daniel O'Donnell wrote:
>>> I don't think there's any need to be defensive, James. This is,
>>> what, the second or third year of the DHAwards? You're going to
>>> have kinks and the suggestions and comments I'm seeing here are
>>> all very constructive.
>> Oh yes, I am taking these as constructive comments. Definitely need to
>> arrange translations of call for nominations and voting announcements
>> and get people to circulate them. Still not sure whether it is better
>> to have a non-English category or not. (i.e. which is worse). I'm
>> thinking next year to have a clearer call for feedback, categories, etc.
>> Please do feel free to translate and circulate the voting
>> announcement! Another 10 days to go!
>>> And oh yes, everybody, GO::DH is a nominee... in tools.
>> Yes, it was nominated under tools and we left it there. Arguably it
>> could have been moved to being for 'public audiences'. Its place as a
>> 'tool' is debatable... it is one in a metaphorical sense certainly, or
>> in a _very loose_ definition. You commented on twitter that you
>> thought we should have an 'other' category. I've resisted that because
>> I feel it would then become a dumping group for miscellaneous stuff
>> and voters would be comparing apples and elephants. (As it is they are
>> comparing apples and oranges.) However, we've changed the categories
>> each year (this year removing one and adding the non-Eng category). I
>> expect a small change each year in categories.
>> -James
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