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James Cummings James.Cummings at it.ox.ac.uk
Tue Feb 4 09:39:41 MST 2014

On 04/02/14 16:23, igalina wrote:
> Dear James, I am so glad that you are on this list and were
> able to clarify.  As I mentioned I really like DH Awards and I
> can vouch for the fact that there has been an effort to
> include resources from all over the world.  I think that the
> non-English category threw me off a bit, as it seems to imply
> then that the other categories are for English-only
> resources. In your reply you ask whether the non-English
> category should be available at all.  It seems to me that
> maybe not but rather as you suggest, make an explicit reminder
> that any language is allowed in any category.  I don't know
> what others think.

Thanks for your feedback, it honestly is helpful. So you'd 
suggest that we get rid of the non-English category and just 
attempt to ensure that we stress that non-English resources can 
be nominated in any category.  (That was my original thought in 
2012... but given our only minimal response from non-anglo 
nominations the first year, we decided to include it this year. 
And we do have *more* overall, but less in other categories.)

> I also think that as we get more
> non-English DH regional communities forming (which is
> definitely the case!), we shall also have available more
> communication channels so that more people find out about the
> DH awards.

That is what I hope -- I know my own context deeply embedded in 
the bastions of anglo DH privileges in many ways severely limits 
my own ability to even be aware of all sorts of communities. So I 
was hoping next year I might approach people such as 
globaloutlookdh to help get the announcements into those 
locations and languages.

>I honestly hope that you do the awards again next
> year!

Even though we're only doing as minimal filtering as possible, it 
still takes quite awhile at a very inconvenient time of the year. 
;-) But as an open-as-possible DH awareness-raising event I do 
hope it is more beneficial than problematic.


Dr James Cummings, James.Cummings at it.ox.ac.uk
Academic IT Services, University of Oxford

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