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Hello all,

I thought it would have been nice to have links to the projects in the
voting form itself. I know a Google form was used with drop-down menus and
I understand this poses a challenge in terms of hyperlinking. However I
felt as a user that at voting one would like not to have to go to the
previous page/other tab to click again on each nominated project before
clicking on/voting for an option. It would be nice if all votes were casted
for projects people actually knew, and not just because they sounded
interesting, you were in a hurry and you only wanted to vote for your own
project anyway ;)

I'm not sure how the importance of actually spending some time researching
the nominated projects before voting could be stressed amongst the
community, but I thought I'd share my feedback in this regard.

Labelling/categorising will always be a contentious issue. Having worked in
the translation of Textal into Spanish I wasn't happy (personally) about it
being nominated under "just for fun" (it was serious work). But hey, happy
it was nominated at all...

I'd just be up for having a pool of nominated projects (i.e. all nominated
projects would be under the same category: Nominated) and allow people to
vote whilst giving them a chance to give their reasons behind the vote.
This could provide the organisers with cool (messy, but cool, and
potentially useful) qualitative and quantiative data about voters'
preferences and rationale, and avoid the problem of pigeonholing projects
and therefore offending (even if mildly) their creators, however chuffed
they might be of having their project nominated.

All the best,


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On Tue, Feb 4, 2014 at 4:42 PM, James Cummings
<James.Cummings at it.ox.ac.uk>wrote:

> On 04/02/14 16:39, Bordalejo, Barbara wrote:
>> Isabel hits the target here. I was also puzzled by the
>> non-English. So much so, that I thought of The Artist: only a
>> foreign silent film can be nominated for best picture. As
>> always, I am aware that there is no deliberate attempt to
>> exclude and also, as always, I know that this is not
>> necessary.  The question is what can be done about it. My
>> suggestion would be to eliminate the non-English category and
>> to make a conscious effort to widen the spectrum of
>> submissions. Providing clear guidelines of what the committee
>> is looking for (up to date sites, new developments, classics)
>> is absolutely necessary.
> All sound like good ideas.
>  Thank you, James, for taking the time to give details of the
>> fate of some submissions. It helps to know what happened.
> I'm happy to respond to any individual enquiry.  I don't email all the
> rejected nominations simply due to time constraints.
> -James
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