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Daniel O'Donnell daniel.odonnell at uleth.ca
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Sorry, Ernesto, I was just making a (sort of) joke about Yasmin's 
comment that as  Cuban, she's used to a society that is muy vigilante.

On 14-02-05 02:15 AM, Ernesto Priego wrote:
> Snowden keeps being mentioned in relation to this, but the comparison 
> is like apples and oranges. As a researcher I cannot but comment that  
> there are degrees of access and surveilance. What the Snowden affair 
> revealed is that the NSA had access to was emails' and mobile 
> communcations' *metadata* (who emails when where and how to whom where 
> when) not its contents (the WHAT). When we talk about citing emails we 
> talk about citing the content of emails, not just their metadata.
> So yes, taken to the ultimate circumstances we are all being watched 
> by everyone and anything can happen. That does not mean we cannot have 
> standards and documentation that clearly state how we are doing things 
> and what people can expect. Same goes for research ethics: the world 
> is mostly a place where ethics are not respected. This does not mean 
> we cannot try to establish some open, respectful, transparent 
> framework for interaction. Everyone can potentially engage in online 
> piracy, but this does not mean that using open licenses is useless or 
> naive.
> And now I'll keep my mouth shut about this whole thing!
> Cheers!
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> On Wed, Feb 5, 2014 at 12:49 AM, Daniel O'Donnell 
> <daniel.odonnell at uleth.ca <mailto:daniel.odonnell at uleth.ca>> wrote:
>     On 14-02-04 04:41 PM, Yasmín S. Portales Machado wrote:
>>     Yo voto por eso:
>>     “Aheader that said something like: "Globaloutlookdh-l is a
>>     publicly archived listserv. Contributions are distributed under a
>>     CC-BY licence." We could then link to a page about licensing that
>>     had the same information and a bit more detail in English and a
>>     few of the more widely used other languages.
>>     A header like that would presumably clarify things with regard to
>>     what I was calling primary use (i.e. quotation and citation that
>>     engages with the content).
>>     Aunque aclaro que siempre asumí que lo que escribimos acá es
>>     público para ser citado, etc. Debe ser por mi experiencia de
>>     crecer en un estado “muy vigilante”, en el que todo lo que se
>>     dice, incluso en espacios cerrados, será informado, archivado y
>>     citado para valorar el desempaño, tarde o temprano.
>     Actually that was really also my understanding too. I like that
>     "muy vigilante" as a description. 'Course, with the NSA and other
>     revelations here in Canada from Edward Snowden, it turns out to be
>     true everywhere to some extent (the latest revelation in Canada is
>     that they've been recording cellphones of every passenger as they
>     pass through at least one of the Canadian airports).
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