[globaloutlookDH-l] DH Awards

James Cummings James.Cummings at it.ox.ac.uk
Wed Feb 5 15:02:01 MST 2014

On 05/02/14 21:47, Hugh Cayless wrote:
> [De-lurking]
> I will just say, if you do this, please do not vote for
> Papyri.info. While it may technically squeeze into this category
> because of its non-English content and because it hosts data from
> a couple of projects with other main languages, it is based in
> the U.S.A. and its primary language is English. So don’t do it as
> a protest vote. I say this as the lead developer of the project :-).

Hi Hugh.  That was another project which was debated by the 
nominations committee, while it didn't fit the spirit of the 
category it did technically.  I did email you (from 
james at dhawards.org) and give you several days to withdraw from 
the competition.  I'm sorry if you didn't have enough time to 
respond and ask not to stand. (Some other resources did at least.)


Dr James Cummings, James.Cummings at it.ox.ac.uk
Academic IT Services, University of Oxford

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