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Thu Feb 6 08:41:08 MST 2014

The third session of the seminar "Digital Writing and Editorialisation"
will take place on *Thursday, Feb 13 at* *11:30 AM Eastern time at
University of Montreal *(in room P217 of Roger Gaudry
Building)[videoconference link-up with "salle Triangle" of Pompidou Center
in Paris, 5:30 PM France time]

*More information*:


The session will be retransmitted live on *http://www.polemictweet.com/

Topic of the session: *Translation: At the Heart of New Editorial
Practices *

Translation is one of the central activities structuring intellectual
spaces and one could even argue that it is a sort of matrix. A book
published on paper often has supplemental translation notes online which
serve to enrich the reading experience. Shared online spaces between
translators create long-lasting interactions. Networks of cultural journals
such as the Eurozine (eurozine.com) have set up on-going translation
systems that follow European debates. Various paratexts thus form ties that
enrich a work and emphasise the multilingual character of digital cultures.
*La traduction, au coeur des pratiques éditoriales *

*La traduction est l'une des principales activités structurant les espaces
intellectuels, au point même qu'on pourrait soutenir qu'elle en est une
matrice. Un ouvrage diffusé sur papier peut avoir des compléments en ligne
pour explorer les notes de traduction et enrichir la lecture. Des espaces
partagés entre traducteurs créent des interactions pérennes. Une fédération
de revues comme Eurozine (eurozine.com <http://eurozine.com>) a développé
une action permanente de traduction qui stimule le débat européen. Les
divers paratextes forment ainsi autant de liens qui enrichissent une oeuvre
et confirment le caractère multilingue des cultures numériques. *

*Guest presentators are* :

- *Anne-Laure Brisac-Chraïbi*, has been leading a 25 years career in
translation, in conjunction with teaching and publishing. Three fields
aiming at the transmission of world views and languages. She's been
interested into editorial aspects of digital publishing for several years,
an interest which (sometimes) feeds and irrigates these professions in
various manners. She won the Laure-Bataillon prize for her translation of *Une
lampe entre les dents*, a novel by Greek author Christos Chryssopoulos.

- *Genevieve Has*, Bachelor in translation and Master in traductology she's
interested in all aspects of the man-machine relation. She has taught
translation technologies, localisation and translation theories at
Concordia University. She presently pursues a Ph. D. in Literary Studies
under the direction of Milad Doueihi, in Laval University (Quebec City).

- *Nadine Blanchard**,* Editorial-assistant at Eurozine, a society who's
publishing principles give a great importance to translation since this
netmagazine relies on an international (european) network of periodicals
and partners. She's also a cultural manager at Freelance and an independent
photographer. <http://www.eurozine.com/>

The seminar is realised in collaboration by *La revue Sens Public*, the
*Iri*, Université de Montréal and McGill University, supported by MSH
Paris-Nord. It was created in 2009 in partnership with the laboratoire
Invisu (INHA-CNRS).

*Following session: Thursday, March 13 2014*

See the whole program: *http://seminaire.sens-public.org/

*Thanks for sharing the information !*

An invitation by Marcello Vitali Rosati and Michael E. Sinatra, teachers at
Université de Montréal, Nicolas Sauret from the *Iri* , Stefan Sinclair at
McGill University and Carole Dely editor of *La revue Sens Public*.

Fabrice Marcoux

Student in *Littératures de langue française* at Université de Montréal

*fabrice.marcoux at umontreal.ca <fabrice.marcoux at umontreal.ca>*
*homegnolia at gmail.com <homegnolia at gmail.com>*
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