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What a great looking thing!

On 14-02-06 08:41 AM, Fabrice Marcoux wrote:
> The third session of the seminar "Digital Writing and 
> Editorialisation" will take place on *Thursday, Feb 13 at**11:30 AM 
> Eastern time at University of Montreal *(in room P217 of Roger Gaudry 
> Building)[videoconference link-up with "salle Triangle" of Pompidou 
> Center in Paris, 5:30 PM France time]
> _More information_:
> _http://seminaire.sens-public.org/spip.php?article31_
> The session will be retransmitted live on _http://www.polemictweet.com/_
> Topic of the session:*Translation: At the Heart of New Editorial 
> Practices *
> Translation is one of the central activities structuring intellectual 
> spaces and one could even argue that it is a sort of matrix. A book 
> published on paper often has supplemental translation notes online 
> which serve to enrich the reading experience. Shared online spaces 
> between translators create long-lasting interactions. Networks of 
> cultural journals such as the Eurozine (eurozine.com 
> <http://eurozine.com>) have set up on-going translation systems that 
> follow European debates. Various paratexts thus form ties that enrich 
> a work and emphasise the multilingual character of digital cultures.
> *La traduction, au coeur des pratiques éditoriales *
> /La traduction est l’une des principales activités structurant les 
> espaces intellectuels, au point même qu’on pourrait soutenir qu’elle 
> en est une matrice. Un ouvrage diffusé sur papier peut avoir des 
> compléments en ligne pour explorer les notes de traduction et enrichir 
> la lecture. Des espaces partagés entre traducteurs créent des 
> interactions pérennes. Une fédération de revues comme Eurozine 
> (eurozine.com <http://eurozine.com>) a développé une action permanente 
> de traduction qui stimule le débat européen. Les divers paratextes 
> forment ainsi autant de liens qui enrichissent une oeuvre et 
> confirment le caractère multilingue des cultures numériques. /
> _Guest presentators are_:
> -*Anne-Laure Brisac-Chraïbi*, has been leading a 25 years career in 
> translation, in conjunction with teaching and publishing. Three fields 
> aiming at the transmission of world views and languages. She's been 
> interested into editorial aspects of digital publishing for several 
> years, an interest which (sometimes) feeds and irrigates these 
> professions in various manners. She won the Laure-Bataillon prize for 
> her translation of /Une lampe entre les dents/, a novel by Greek 
> author Christos Chryssopoulos.
> -*Genevieve Has*, Bachelor in translation and Master in traductology 
> she's interested in all aspects of the man-machine relation. She has 
> taught translation technologies, localisation and translation theories 
> at Concordia University. She presently pursues a Ph. D. in Literary 
> Studies under the direction of Milad Doueihi, in Laval University 
> (Quebec City).
> - *Nadine Blanchard*/,/Editorial-assistant at Eurozine, a society 
> who's publishing principles give a great importance to translation 
> since this netmagazine relies on an international (european) network 
> of periodicals and partners. She's also a cultural manager at 
> Freelance and an independent photographer. <http://www.eurozine.com/>
> The seminar is realised in collaboration by /La revue Sens Public/, 
> the /Iri/, Université de Montréal and McGill University, supported by 
> MSH Paris-Nord. It was created in 2009 in partnership with the 
> laboratoire Invisu (INHA-CNRS).
> /Following session: Thursday, March 13 2014/
> See the whole program: _http://seminaire.sens-public.org/_
> *Thanks for sharing the information !*
> An invitation by Marcello Vitali Rosati and Michael E. Sinatra, 
> teachers at Université de Montréal, Nicolas Sauret from the /Iri/, 
> Stefan Sinclair at McGill University and Carole Dely editor of /La 
> revue Sens Public/.
> Fabrice Marcoux
> Student in /Littératures de langue française/at Université de Montréal
> _fabrice.marcoux at umontreal.ca <mailto:fabrice.marcoux at umontreal.ca>_
> _homegnolia at gmail.com <mailto:homegnolia at gmail.com>_
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