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Daniel O'Donnell daniel.odonnell at uleth.ca
Tue Feb 18 13:22:15 MST 2014

Hi all,

I'd like to return to something I asked back in September.

We are refining a proposal for a series of workshops on scholarly 
communication, a part of which will involve comparison of practices in 
the High Income Economies vs. other regions.

What we'd like to do for this stage in the process is research some 
potential speakers/participants and locations for a workshop dedicated 
to this comparative issue in particular.

I'd very much appreciate any suggestions you might have for names, 
institutions, or other forms of organisation that might be useful 
contacts for discussions of scholarly and scientific communication in 
regions other than Canada/U.S., Australia/NZ, and Western Europe.

Thanks very much!

On 13-09-09 06:35 PM, O'Donnell, Dan wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm on the executive committee at force11.org, a Community of Practice 
> focussed on the future of Research Communication and e-Scholarship. It 
> is an interesting group because of the range of domains and sectors it 
> involves: Science and humanities, Commercial and Open access, and so on.
> We're in the early planning stages of a series of workshops on "the 
> Commons and the Silo", in which we want to look specifically at what 
> is common and what is unique across the entire domain of scholarly and 
> Scientific dissemination.
> I have two questions that this group is probably the best place to ask.
> The first is whether anybody knows of similar groups focussed 
> specifically on the issues of Research Communication and dissemination 
> outside the High Income World or of initiatives we really should know 
> about about scholarly communication in a global context (I should 
> stress, BTW, that this ignorance is a reflection on me not Force11).
> The second is whether anybody on this list is working on anything 
> similar and/ or would be interested in being kept in the loop on our 
> progress.
> Thanks in advance as always to this super helpful group!
> P.S. If you are interested in these things, please feel free to say 
> here. But also consider joining force11. It really is an interesting 
> group!
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