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Daniel O'Donnell daniel.odonnell at uleth.ca
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Hi Dagmar,

At least one would be outside Canada/U.S. and Western Europe. My guess 
is a likely rotation would be:

  * U.S.A,
  * Europe outside of U.K.,
  * somewhere other than Western Europe and the Anglophone world.

I.e. Given the membership of Force11, the funding situation, and the 
like, I'd expect one to be in the U.S., another to be in a non-English 
context in Europe, and a third to be somewhere outside of the High 
Income economies.

This is a very good point about the extensions.

On 14-02-19 12:14 PM, Dagmar Riedel wrote:
> Hi Dan,
> could you please specify whether the workshops are envisioned to take 
> place in regions other than Canada/U.S., Australia/NZ, and Western Europe?
> 1 / many rich countries maintain government funded research institutes 
> in such regions (see the American Research Institutes in Middle 
> Eastern Countries)
> 2 / grant giving foundations from rich countries maintain 
> institutional base camps in such regions (see Fulbright)
> 3 / US universities have been going global for about the last decade 
> with satellite institutions in the Middle East and Asia (e.g., NYU, 
> Columbia)
> 4 / annual or biannual meetings of professional organizations with an 
> international membership (e.g., Middle East Studies Association of 
> North America)
> 5 / institutions of higher education with English as one of their 
> working languages in those regions
> Best wishes
> Dagmar

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