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Domenico Fiormonte domenico.fiormonte at gmail.com
Thu Mar 13 07:42:03 MDT 2014

Dear Arianna,

I may be wrong, but this announcement sounds at least premature. Before
becoming "official", according to the AIUCD by-laws, the agreement should
be approved by the AIUCD associates general meeting. This vote would be
expressed upon discussing all the details of the agreement -- of which we
Italian associates still know very little.

For a number of reasons, exposed publicly and privately, I was very
skeptical about AIUCD becoming a member of EADH. Nonetheless, during the
AIUCD general meeting in December, as a simple associate I voted in favour
of continuing the negotatiations with EADH. At that time no draft
agreement, either official or unofficial, was presented to the associates
for an open discussion. The president of the association, Dino Buzzetti,
has recently wrote on the AIUCD list that the agreement would have been
circulated and presented to the next general meeting for approval:

"(...) non appena stipulato, il testo dell'accordo verra' reso noto, in
modo da poter essere successivamente sottoposto alla ratifica

It's not clear to me, at this point, if the general meeting [assembly]
would be called just to ratify a "fait accompli", or if the associates
would be actively entitled to discuss the details, propose modifications,
corrections, etc.

Although I have resigned from the AIUCD for personal and political reasons,
and will neither be voting nor contributing to the discussion, I think it
would be important for the Italian members of AIUCD to have an opportunity
for an open and democratic debate. This would be vital for a newly founded
association like AIUCD, but it would be also healthy for EADH.

All the best


Il giorno 13 marzo 2014 11:49, Arianna Ciula <ariannaciula a gmail.com> ha

> L’AIUCD (Associazione per l’Informatica Umanistica e la Cultura Digitale)
> organizzazione associata all’EADH (European Association for DigitalHumanities)
> I consigli direttivi delle due associazioni AIUCD e EADH sono lieti di
> annunciare che l’AIUCD (Associazione per l’Informatica Umanistica e la
> Cultura Digitale) è ora ufficialmente un’organizzazione associata alla
> European Association for Digital Humanities (EADH) ed è con ciò
> rappresentata nella Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO).
> I soci dell’AIUCD sono automaticamente anche soci dell’EADH e da ora
> godono, senza alcuna eccezione, dei medesimi diritti e dei medesimi
> vantaggi, quali gli sconti per l’iscrizione ai congressi, la possibilità di
> concorrere all’assegnazione di borse di studio, e così via.
> Il modulo per la domanda di iscrizione all’AIUCD è disponibile sul sito
> dell’Associazione ( http://www.umanisticadigitale.it/ ). I soci attuali
> dell’EADH che desiderano diventare anche soci dell’AIUCD potranno
> richiedere la doppia affiliazione. Maggiori dettagli verranno comunicati
> al più presto.
> ==========================================
> AIUCD (Associazione di Informatica Umanistica e Cultura Digitale)
> associate organisation of EADH
> The executive committees of AIUCD and EADH are happy to announce that
> AIUCD (Associazione di Informatica Umanistica e Cultura Digitale) is now
> officially an associate organization of the European Association of DigitalHumanities (
> EADH) and thereby represented in the Alliance of Digital Humanities
> Organizations (ADHO).
> Members of AIUCD are automatically also members of EADH and will enjoy,
> without exception, the same rights and benefits, such as conference fee
> discounts, eligibility for bursary applications, etc..
> The application form for AIUCD membership is active at http://www.
> umanisticadigitale.it/. Existing EADH members who would also like to
> become AIUCD members will be able to apply for double membership. More
> details on this soon.
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