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Alex Gil colibri.alex at gmail.com
Mon Oct 13 11:28:34 MDT 2014

Dear all,

I am happy to remind you that DHSI has been kind enough to set aside funds
for some travel bursaries to next year's DHSI. We are also looking for
matching funds. If you or your institutions would like to work with GO::DH
and DHSI to bring students in from around the world to this unique learning
experience, let us know ASAP!

Link: http://www.dhsi.org/scholarships.php


GO::DH Travel Bursary

In partnership with Global Outlook::Digital Humanities (GO::DH )
<http://www.globaloutlookdh.org/>, we're looking to offer a number of
travel bursaries to members of the GO::DH community, defraying some travel
and lodging costs. If you are member of the GO::DH community, please
indicate your eligibility when you apply for a tuition scholarship (as
above) and/or register for DHSI. Recipients of these bursaries are notified
by DHSI in Spring (2014 announcement of all bursaries was made to
recipients on 7 March 2014); please contact institut at uvic.ca with any
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