[globaloutlookDH-l] SEMINAR « Digital Writing and Editorialisation » - Launch of Cycle 2014-15 on November 20

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*SEMINAR « Digital Writing and Editorialisation » - Launch of Cycle 2014-15
on November 20*

The opening session of the seminar "Digital Writing and Editorialisation"
will take place on *Thursday, Nov. 20 **at Noon** in the CITÉ (Roger-Gaudry
Bulding -> door V-13-1) of Université de Montréal *[videoconference link-up
with "salle Triangle" of Pompidou Center in Paris, 6:00 PM (France time)]

*‟Between Blog and Scholarly Periodical: Hybridization of Research

*By multiplying the forms of reading and writing in the secular society,
the digital has pushed forward the emergence of new practices combining
communication, collection, archival, literature, etc. In a context where
forms of writing tend to become more fluid, the research practices of
researchers have also become more diversified, borrowing to forms of
content production that where absent until then in the research

*This hybridization of practices that has become more visible recently
seems to open the way for new forms of knowledge production among
researchers and their communities, greatly modifying the conventional
process leading to the recognition and validation of knowledge.*

*Guest presentators are*:


   *Benoît Melançon*

    *Joëlle Le Marec*

    *Celya Gruson-Daniel*

*More information*: *http://seminaire.sens-public.org/spip.php?article44

 The session, in French, will be broadcast live on
*http://www.polemictweet.com/* <http://www.polemictweet.com/>

 See the whole program: *http://seminaire.sens-public.org/

 The seminar is organized by *La revue Sens Public*, the IRI, the CITÉ and
the CRIHN of Université de Montréal and McGill University, supported by MSH
Paris-Nord. It was created in 2009 in partnership with the laboratoire
Invisu (INHA-CNRS).

*Thanks for sharing the information !*

An invitation by Marcello Vitali-Rosati and Michael E. Sinatra (Université
de Montréal), Nicolas Sauret (IRI)*, *Stefan Sinclair (McGill University) and
Carole Dely (*La revue Sens Public*).

Fabrice Marcoux

Student in *Littératures de langue française* at Université de Montréal

*fabrice.marcoux at umontreal.ca <fabrice.marcoux at umontreal.ca>*
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