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Mon Sep 29 04:49:55 MDT 2014


We are writing to introduce to you the new "CLARIN COMPETENCY CENTER
IULA-UPF " (IULA-UPF-CCC) <http://www.clarin-es-lab.org/>".

The IULA-UPF CLARIN Competency Centre is a collaborating center of the
CLARIN research infrastructure for Humanities and Social Sciences, along
with centers in Germany, Austria, Denmark, Estonia, Netherlands, Poland,
and Czech Republic.

The IULA-UPF-CC –CLARIN was created with the mission to revitalize the use
of language technology research in the Humanities and Social Sciences, and
to advise researchers regarding access to data and applications in order
conduct experimental research with the objective of extracting data from

Thanks to funding from the FEDER Programme[1]
the University Pompeu Fabra, IULA-UPF-CCC has developed a catalog designed
to facilitate access to the use of computer applications for potential
beneficiaries. The catalog, based on linked open data (Linked Open Data,
LOD), allows you to view and connect to any open sources of information
from the entire www.

The catalog, designed from the collaboration between linguists, computer
scientists, documentalists and humanists, helps the user to discover new
information and to make it more navigable. Currently, the catalog provides
access to materials from their source so that a given user can also make
his or her own path to discover it. The source materials were selected to
show how other HCS researchers have used them for different tasks and

We hope that these developments are of interest and that you can
disseminate our center to anyone who you may think would also be
interested. Moreover, we appreciate any comments or suggestions.

Thank you for your attention.


Nuria Bel and Silvia Arano
Web address: http://www.clarin.es lab.org/
Email: iulatrl at upf.edu


"Fons europeu de desenvolupament regional (FEDER), Programa operatiu FEDER
de Catalunya 2007-2013, Objective 1"
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