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Conference on translingual and transcultural digital humanities

October 19-20, Estonian Literary Museum, Tartu, Estonia

Working with various (archival) material, researchers are often confronted
with the problem that although both quantitative and qualitative methods in
the humanities are quickly becoming more versatile, efficient and numerous,
tools for translingual and transcultural analysis remain underdeveloped. The
majority of tools for data mining and analysis are available in the biggest
languages only, which makes it difficult to study the smaller or extinct
ones or compare them to for example English. In fact, sometimes researchers
don’t even have access to source texts of geographically close cultures
because of language barrier (e.g. Estonian and Latvian are mutually
incomprehensible). In the case of non-textual material, the limitations are
not linguistic, in this case the access to metadata and -information, and
cultural interpretations are important, and the challenges big data has to
offer to non-textual transcultural research. Thus, it may not possible to
get an adequate overview of the material or gain accurate insight as the
results are blurred by technical difficulties. At the same time, the
translingual and -cultural analysis has long tradition in different
disciplines – history, religious studies, linguistics, etc – and introducing
the possibilities and advances of digital tools, systems, standards, and the
results of research to the academic community is greatly needed.

In its ideas and ideologies, the conference is inspired by the work of the
SIG of the Alliance of the Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO)
<http://www.globaloutlookdh.org/> Global Outlook::Digital Humanities
(GO::DH) which aims to promote the collaboration among digital humanities
researchers world-wide and to support the inclusion of the researchers from
all geographic regions, cultures, languages and types of economies, and by
building-a-global-digital-humanities-community/> the plenary speech by
Isabel Galina at the 2013 Digital Humanities ADHO conference in Nebraska;
and of course by the necessity for the more thorough computational
competence in our everyday work.

The conference is third in the series of yearly digital humanities
conferences in Estonia and includes a special panel on ongoing projects and
developments in Estonian digital humanities.

We welcome contributions from the following areas:

*	data-mining (incl visual, multimedia and other data)
*	working with data in various languages, incl small or extinct
*	translingual analysis
*	computational ontologies
*	cross-linguistic and -cultural research in the field of digital
*	applications targeted at (usable with) various languages
*	the role of English as lingua franca in digital humanities, assets
and drawbacks
*	compiling multilingual data collections (e.g. by crowdsourcing)
*	ideas, outlooks, projects and developments in Estonian digital

Please submit a proposal that contains your full name, institutional and
disciplinary affiliation with a very brief academic CV, the title of your
paper and an abstract of 200-250 words. Authors will be informed about the
status of their submission by August 31, 2015. Participation fee of the
conference is €50. The language of the conference is English.


Abstract submission: August 15, 2015
Notification of acceptance: August 31, 2015
Conference starts: October 19, 2015

Send your proposals to:  <mailto:digitaalhumanitaaria at gmail.com>
digitaalhumanitaaria at gmail.com

Mari Sarv & Liisi Laineste
Estonian Literary Museum
Vanemuise 42
Tartu 51003


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