[globaloutlookDH-l] Monocultures of the (digital) Humanities

Daniel O'Donnell daniel.odonnell at uleth.ca
Mon Jul 13 07:55:05 MDT 2015

Just quickly, a really interesting paper, Domenico.

On Sun, Jul 12, 2015, 18:57 Domenico Fiormonte <domenico.fiormonte at gmail.com>

> Hi everybody,
> Apologies for cross-posting.
> I think people on this list could be interested in this reflection -- with
> some anticipation of a forthcoming study:
> http://infolet.it/2015/07/12/monocultural-humanities/
> I started to write it as response to Gregory Crane's article ("The Big
> Humanities, National Identity and the Digital Humanities in Germany"), but
> it came out too long, so I decided to make a blog post.
> It would be great if a discussion here and in institutional places would
> produce some new proposals for changing this discouraging scenario
> (starting with the DH).
> All the best
> Domenico
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