[globaloutlookDH-l] Website editor for GO::DH

Daniel O'Donnell daniel.odonnell at uleth.ca
Fri Jun 12 10:26:56 MDT 2015

Hi all,

We are looking for one or two volunteers to act as website editor for
GO::DH to replace James Sullivan, who will be stepping down when a
replacement is found.

The GO::DH website is run using Wordpress. The Website editor is an officer
of GO::DH and attends the executive meetings.

This would be a great position for anybody who is interested in getting so
more about the community and has some webskills.

If you would like more information about the current setup and/or duties,
please contact James O'Sullivan (josullivan.c at gmail.com). If you would like
to volunteer, please contact daniel.odonnell at uleth.ca, telling us something
about your experience and interests.

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