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Dear all,

Here is a quick neatline sketch <http://testing.elotroalex.com/dhorgs/>of
the digital humanities organizations I can see around the world today. The
map is quick and dirty, and misrepresents much. It would be nice to get a
representation of memberships from each org by city or state, that would
help localize trans-nationality more accurately. In lieu of that I'm hoping
this can spark a conversation about representation, language and location.
If you have private suggestions, feel free to send me a line. I welcome all
public suggestions.

As I say in the about page:


This map does not represent the trans-national membership of these
> organizations. A heat map from member tallies would be more accurate.
> CenterNet is absent. Humanistica and ACH have a much wider reach than the
> map gives them credit for. My rationale for doing it was to show the
> territoriality of the largest number of members in each of these orgs, OR
> the regions they de facto represent. I find my lies point in the direction
> of a tension between language vs. region, representation vs. proportional
> membership. The lies are meant to spark a conversation about how we can
> move forward organizationally at the global level, through and around ADHO.
> I would favor moves in the direction of clearly defined meso-level
> regional/national organizations—open to global membership, of course, but
> clearly based somewhere—for the support of semi-local communities. The key
> here is support and representation for semi-local communities. To be clear,
> I am not against co-existence and collaboration with language-based
> trans-regional organizations that stretch the planet, and do believe we can
> achieve local support and representation if we work together carefully at
> the intersections of language/region/representation, as long as we foster
> local growth and agency. On that note, I should point out that many
> organizations represented here are already both language-region, like the
> RedHD or the DHD.
> In addition to these regional/language chapters, I imagine a union that
> can organize a global conference and foster collaboration. What ADHO is
> trying to do now.
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