[globaloutlookDH-l] Looking for digital humanities projects to write wikipedia articles about

Stuart A. Yeates syeates at gmail.com
Mon Jun 29 21:57:41 MDT 2015

I'm a long-time wikipedian looking for digital humanities projects to write
wikipedia articles about. Suitable projects are:

* mature projects
* not primarily related to a single funding source
* the subject of multiple open-access, digital accessible, secondary
sources with (at least) English-language abstracts
* ideally non-English, multi-lingual or touching on indigenous languages.

If you know of a project that sounds like this, please drop me an email
with some links to the secondary sources clearly identified. Alternatively
you can have a crack for yourself on wikipedia and drop me an email.

For examples of the kinds of things that are possible see
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Text_Encoding_Initiative /

I also do academic biographies based on obituaries.

...let us be heard from red core to black sky
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