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Wed Jan 20 13:50:37 MST 2016

Dear all, good news from the NEH. They're new Digging into Data Challenge
has expanded to now include Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.

Queridos todos, uma boa notícia do NEH. Eles são novo Desafio Cavando de
Dados agora incluem Argentina, Brasil e México. Deixe-me saber se você vai
gostar de saber mais, ou se você precisar de ajuda para a aplicação.

Queridos, buenas noticias. La NEH ofrece un nuevo premio para proyectos en
minado de datos para las humanidades. Déjenme saber si necesitan ayuda con
la aplicación.

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From: Bobley, Brett <bbobley at neh.gov>
Date: Wed, Jan 20, 2016 at 3:41 PM
Subject: T-AP Digging into Data Challenge and Global Outlook DH
To: Alex Gil <colibri.alex at gmail.com>

Dear Alex,

I write to engage you and your Global Outlook DH colleagues on the new T-AP
Digging into Data Challenge

I’m pleased to say that we have 16 funders from 11 nations all
participating in DiD. This includes countries from South America, North
America, and Europe. Many of these countries are ones I’ve never worked
with before and I’m keen to learn what kinds of terrific research their
scholars are doing! I’m also pleased that the countries represent a wide
variety of languages and cultures. Currently, some of these countries
already fund a fair amount of digital humanities and digital social science
research, while for others, this is still a very new kind of work.

So I think that global outreach will be really important. I very much want
to get researchers to form teams from across the spectrum of countries. I’d
love to see some unique partnerships we haven’t seen before, involving
people and languages we don’t always see in DH or DSS projects.

So anything you can do to help get the word out or facilitate teambuilding
would be much appreciated!

*Here’s a quick list of the countries/funders:*

Argentina: MINCyT
Brazil: FAPESP
Finland: AKA
France: ANR
Germany: DFG
Netherlands: NWO
Portugal: FCT (to be confirmed)

*Here’s a quick list of the national languages:*








*Notes on Applying*

People apply in “teams.” A "team" is a group of principal investigators
from at least three of the participating countries. Because this is a
"trans-Atlantic" grant program, each team must have PIs on both sides of
the Atlantic.

*Notes on Research Topics*

Open to any research questions in the humanities and/or social sciences.
However, the idea is that you have to be using computational
methods/approaches at the large scale for your research.  (And large scale
doesn’t mean big data in the scientific sense; rather it means large for
the discipline that you are working in.)

For further details, please see the website


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