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Dear all,

Apologies for cross posting.

Please see the following message from the Digital Scholarship Group at
Northeastern University and the Design for Diversity Team about a new
exciting initiative that might be of interest to members of these lists.

Please do feel free to spread the word as you see fit.

All best,



The Digital Scholarship Group at Northeastern University is pleased to
announce an IMLS-funded national forum on "Design for Diversity": a public
conversation that focuses on constructing a collaborative pedagogical
toolkit to encourage inclusive and ethical practices in information
sciences and system design.

This IMLS grant will support a series of public events and working meetings on
the ways in which information systems embody and reinforce cultural norms,
and ask how we can design systems that account for diverse cultural
materials and ways of knowing. The end results will be a teaching and
learning toolkit for cultural heritage practitioners in systems design
which will better inform both future work and the education and
professional development of new practitioners.

We envision this toolkit combating problems of colonizing, appropriating,
silencing, and marginalizing; we are counting on your participation and
involvement. It is essential to the success of this project that we partner
with participants with a broad range of experience and backgrounds, to help
us think through these complex questions of design and pedagogy from many
different perspectives.

We are especially interested in partners who are practicing cultural
heritage systems design, whether in a formal organization or not: we seek
activists, community organizers, and other grassroots collectors of history
as well as librarians, archivists, scholars, and curators. We seek to
involve the many different kinds of people undertaking information systems
design, from activities like cataloging, building metadata schema, and
creating automated re-use policies to building databases, designing web
interfaces, and more.

The first in-person event will be held October 16-17, 2017
<x-apple-data-detectors://0> at Northeastern University in Boston. To learn
about ways that you can participate and sign up for our email list, visit
our website: http://dsg.neu.edu/research/design-for-diversity/participate/

Follow us on Twitter at @Des4Div <https://twitter.com/Des4Div> or contact
the grant team at DesignForDiversity at northeastern.edu.

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