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Ernesto Priego efpriego at gmail.com
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 Dear all,

I am not sure what the fate of this email list will be, not sure if we are
supposed to still use it or if anyone is still receiving messages.

Can I ask if there is or if there is a plan for a new email list moderator,
or is it just being phased out? Last chance we checked there were 500+
members; it seems like a unique resource and a shame to just let it die.


In other lists I am a member of Jon Tennant has shared the first formally
published version of the Open Scholarship Strategy:


"The purpose of this document is to provide a concise analysis of where the
global Open Scholarship movement currently stands: what the common threads
and strengths are, where the greatest opportunities and challenges lie, and
how we can more effectively work together as a global community to
recognise the
top strategic priorities."

As Jon notes,

"The main document is available in a range of formats: markdown, R
markdown, Epub, iPython notebook, open document text, PDF, rich-text
format, LaTeX, plain text, xml, and html. Comments and contributions to the
next version are welcome through THIS MARKDOWN FILE
or if you are uncomfortable with traditional Git-based workflows, through
the issue tracker HERE

In addition to the above, the pilot module for the Open Science MOOC
Open Source and Open Research Software, is now open for community feedback.
We would welcome comments and criticisms
from anyone interested, and all realms of scholarly communication!"

As this is part of the domain of the digital humanities, affecting most
crucially colleages from the Global South, I thought I'd share here.

Hoping you are all well,


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