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Unsworth, John M (jmu2m) unsworth at virginia.edu
Wed Aug 1 19:20:52 MDT 2018

Hi Barbara,

What would a GO::DH series be?


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Dear John,

GO::DH has been an ADHO's SIGs for some time (I believe that it was the first to obtain that status). Last December, a referendum was called by Alex Gil (then Chair) and Roopika Risam asking the members of this group whether we should sever all ties with ADHO or continue negotiations to become a CO. An overwhelming majority voted for the second option (but please note that continuing negotiations does not amount to eventually becoming a CO, just exploring that option).

I have raised the possibility of a GO::DH series, but I have been told that, without an executive to approve of it, I can't go ahead.


On 01/08/2018 13:08, Unsworth, John M (jmu2m) wrote:
Hi Amy,

I’m a long-time lurker on this list.  What about rolling GO-DH into ADHO as a special interest group?  Is it worth being stand-alone?


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HI all,

I wanted to let you all know the status of the executive committee. I have sent several emails to the executive members who are rotating off and the current members requesting help in running elections. I’ve heard a response from one current person and one former. The former folks are off and have no responsibility. There doesn’t seem to be interest from the executive committee as currently formed to move forward with voting.

I do not think that the organization can move ahead with only one or two people willing to work for it. At this point I am not sure of how to proceed, but I wanted to let the membership know that I have tried to constitute an ec (currently there is no chair, so no one is really in charge), but there is not enough response to move ahead.


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