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Hi John,

We are thinking of having a limited number of articles every year in 
DSCN. I sent a proposal to the list a few weeks ago for comments. You 
can read it here: 


On 01/08/2018 21:20, Unsworth, John M (jmu2m) wrote:
> Hi Barbara,
> What would a GO::DH series be?
> John
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> Dear John,
> GO::DH has been an ADHO's SIGs for some time (I believe that it was 
> the first to obtain that status). Last December, a referendum was 
> called by Alex Gil (then Chair) and Roopika Risam asking the members 
> of this group whether we should sever all ties with ADHO or continue 
> negotiations to become a CO. An overwhelming majority voted for the 
> second option (but please note that continuing negotiations does not 
> amount to eventually becoming a CO, just exploring that option).
> I have raised the possibility of a GO::DH series, but I have been told 
> that, without an executive to approve of it, I can't go ahead.
> BB
> On 01/08/2018 13:08, Unsworth, John M (jmu2m) wrote:
>     Hi Amy,
>     I’m a long-time lurker on this list. What about rolling GO-DH into
>     ADHO as a special interest group?  Is it worth being stand-alone?
>     John
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>     HI all,
>     I wanted to let you all know the status of the executive
>     committee. I have sent several emails to the executive members who
>     are rotating off and the current members requesting help in
>     running elections. I’ve heard a response from one current person
>     and one former. The former folks are off and have no
>     responsibility. There doesn’t seem to be interest from the
>     executive committee as currently formed to move forward with voting.
>     I do not think that the organization can move ahead with only one
>     or two people willing to work for it. At this point I am not sure
>     of how to proceed, but I wanted to let the membership know that I
>     have tried to constitute an ec (currently there is no chair, so no
>     one is really in charge), but there is not enough response to move
>     ahead.
>     Amy
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