[globaloutlookDH-l] Job with History of Arabic Book DH Project

Matthew Thomas Miller mtmiller at umd.edu
Fri Feb 23 10:29:54 MST 2018

Dear all,

***Apologies for resending. Wrong subject line in previous email***

One of my co-PIs on the Open Islamicate Texts Initiative (OpenITI)
<http://iti-corpus.github.io/>, Sarah Bowen Savant, recently received a
large ERC grant for her research project on the history of the Arabic book.
(In short, they are working with David Smith on using and modifying his
text reuse algorithms to study Arabic book history.) See more on the KITAB
project here <http://kitab-project.org/>.

As a part of the grant, they are hiring a technical lead/solutions manager.
Job ad is here
I think they are looking for a DH specialist who has project management and
(at least some) coding/development skills.

If you know of anyone who might be interested, please feel free to forward
to them.

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