[globaloutlookDH-l] Election Official Round 2

Alex Gil colibri.alex at gmail.com
Mon Jan 22 09:50:27 MST 2018

Dear all,

I have been getting bounce-backs from Sharon since she first wrote to me
volunteering to be the election official.

Without a volunteer, we cannot really transfer the direction of our Special
Interest Group. With this in mind, I plan to stop being chair by a symbolic
February 30, regardless.

To encourage you to volunteer to run our elections, I'm pasting below Dr.
Risam's instructive email to Sharon in hopes that you see the relatively
minor labor required:

(Sharon, if you're getting these emails, as opposed to a personal one, let
me know by another channel).



Dear Sharon,
> Thank you for being willing to serve as the GO::DH returning officer, as
> we call our nomination person. I'm sorry for not writing sooner with
> detailed instructions but this is the first chance I've had.
> According to our by-laws, we need a two-week period during which we
> solicit nominations for the executive board.
> There are four open slots, so we need at least four nominations (more is
> better). Current executive members whose terms are up may wish to run again
> (I will not but there are others who might). Thus, an email should go to
> the member list asking for nominees. If our response is poor, we may need
> to approach potential candidates individually. We also strive for
> geographic, linguistic, and other forms of diversity on the ballot.
> For each nominee, we need a short bio and (optional) brief candidate
> statement. We will post these on the GO::DH website.
> Once we have our nominees, we need to open voting for a period of two
> weeks. When we get to that, I can send you instructions about the voting
> system we have been using.
> After the two week period is up, we need to contact the nominees
> individually to apprise them of results before announcing the results to
> the membership and posting the results on the GO::DH site.
> It's then up to the continuing executive board members and newly elected
> members to figure out chair, vice-chair, and secretary roles. We have only
> had to have a vote about that once, and it was just the vice chair role,
> but that won't be your responsibility.
> Thank you again for your willingness to run the election. Please do not
> hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.
> Sincerely,
> Roopika
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