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Borovsky, Zoe zoe at library.ucla.edu
Sun Oct 21 15:16:48 MDT 2018

Dear GO:DH:  I sent the message below to SIG convener email list. Since this opportunity is rather new, and the SIG convener list may be outdated, I'm passing the info to the entire group.  Sincere apologies if I'm out of the loop on current GO:DH conveners.  --zoe


Dear SIG conveners:

Diana Jakacki, Chair of ADHO's Conference Coordinating Committee has asked me to contact you regarding an opportunity at ADHO2019.

This year, the various SIGs can offer a 'guaranteed' 1/2 day slot: either a workshop or mini-conference before DH2019. The SIG workshops would not go through ConfTool review with other ADHO workshops, but the SIGs could decide on their own internal process.

(Note:  This year there will not be the option of a guaranteed SIG session within the academic program. If a SIG wants to put together a panel that's great, but it would need to go through regular review.)

If your SIG is interested in the 1/2 day opportunity, please contact:

Diane Jakacki, Ph.D.
Chair, Conference Coordinating Committee
Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations
diane.jakacki at bucknell.edu
(please cc me:  zoe at library.ucla.edu)

The SIG conveners email list members is being updated.


Zoe Borovsky, Ph.D.
Librarian for Digital Research and Scholarship
UCLA Library
(Liaison to the ADHO SIGs)

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