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Dear all,

With apologies for cross-posting.

This week, (which is International Open Access Week
<http://www.openaccessweek.org/>, by the way), on Wednesday October 24 and
Thursday October 25 an international meeting dedicated to the digital
humanities and the hegemonies of scientific knowledge will be held at Roma
Tre University, Rome, Italy. The title of the event is "Ricerca
scientifica, monopoli della conoscenza e Digital Humanities. Prospettive
critiche dall’Europa del Sud" (Research, Monopolies of Knowledge and the
Digital Humanities: Critical Perspectives from Southern Europe").

The event's goal is to turn around the pejorative "PIIGS" label (used to
refer to Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain) and introduce a view
from the South on the geopolitics of digital knowledge: the issues around
open access, Anglophone hegemony in journal publishing, exorbitant costs of
subscriptions for libraries, research assessment systems, etc. We thought
it was important to interrogatet his label from socio-anthropological and
postcolonial perspectives in order to take it as a starting point of
resistance to the policies that are destroying Europe as a whole.

The term "PIIGS" first appeared in 2009 in *The Economist *referring to the
economies of Southern Europe. Our aim is to discuss how Mediterranean
countries have uncritically and silently accepted the rules of the Global
North regarding the production and dissemination of academic and scientific
knowledge. We will reflect on how knowledge monopolies in science are
manipulating the production of knowledge not only in the Global South, but
also in relatively less marginal cultures and languages (including PIIGS
countries). (On PIIGS, it's insightful to watch at least the first fiive
minute sof htis film: https://youtu.be/bHXeGjrOJLQ).

¿Are we then the Digital Humanities' 'PIIGS'? This is the question that a
group of digital humanists, sociologists, philosophers, historians and
economists will address in this event. The programme is attached to this

This event has been organised with the support of the  “Community as
Opportunity-Creative archives and users network” (Creative Europe-Culture
Sub-programme 2014-2020) project, led by Manuel Salamanca (UCM) and the
Department of Political Science at Roma Tre University (Domenico Fiormonte).

The event is free and will be live streamed via
http://streaming.uniroma3.it/ and

We hope the international community of the digital humanities is interested
in the perspectives that this event will offer.

Best regards,


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